Sunday, May 11, 2008

What does not kill you will make you stronger!

As the title suggests, I'm going through some rough times. It's a growing experience for me, really. My new job has been challenging and rewarding from a technical, artistic and personal level. I'm learning what it takes to be a leader and manager -learning what it means to lead by example. Yeah... you can be talented and do great work but how is your conduct? Do you work hard? Can you communicate your vision? Keep the team motivated with the changes that happen in production? These are things that I've been trying to figure out.
Man... I'll stop the complaining here (suck it up).
I have been busy but not as busy as I was my last year at Calarts. So there really is no reason why I can't finish my short right?

Here is a rough cut of scene 3. Some really rough animations and camera works. Just wanted to see things together for pacing and storytelling purpose. Watching this you have to use your imagination.


This one is the end of scene 3. There are two shots before this that I didn't show because... they're just not ready for primetime (not even posed just sliding the character around).


Hope you guys enjoy some of this.

I've haven't gotten into any more accidents or bought anymore crack. :)
Maryland is a beautiful state in the spring, I'll post some pictures next time.


jriggity said...

Ha!..... your voice over sounds great !

always exciteing to see animation up on the blog....thanks for shareing some inspiration!


HwangNguyen said...

Being a lead is a tough job. If anybody can do it. it's you dude.

FENTON said...

Can't wait to see more man! Don't worry about the leadership it will come to you!! Communication is key!!

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