Monday, December 17, 2007

Hex or Hexmor?

A friend of mine (a great artist) is thinking of changing the way he signs his work. Hex or Hexmor?

I think Hex is better than Hexmor. I guess that is how I know him so I'm bias.

I've changed my name from Nhan to Young. Just because no one at work or any where can pronounce it correctly, the first time (neither could I).

I think Hex is the way to go Hugo.

But this is not the change that I was implying in my previous Post. I'll announce the change next Monday.


that's hugo said...

But dude! I'm smoking a pipe AND wearing a smoking jacket as Hexmor. How cool is that?!!! I should totally start doing that.

Young Vo said...

OKay, you can only be Hexmor if you start smoking a pipe! Are else the name will just fall apart.

I recommend one of these Pipes.

It just might work!